Family, Friends & Fun

by Cliff Summers May 28, 2015

When you hear the term “nice ride” a few things jump to the front of the mind – riding the perfect wave, carving up some fresh powder, riding through the desert, or maybe skimming along the water at dawn. Maybe for some it's an image of a pristine Jeep Rubicon, a brand new Ferrari 488GTB, or a custom chopper. Some of those things do come to my head when I hear “nice ride”.

But now something different jumps to the front of my mind, something better....NICERIDE to me means Family, Friends, and Fun. I have come to realize that life really is 1 NICERIDE! Whether I am hanging with my family and friends at the beach, on the slopes, at the ball field, on the lake, in the desert, or in the backyard grilling up some steaks to me it is all 1 NICERIDE....If I am having FUN it is a NICERIDE, if I am with my FRIENDS it is a NICERIDE, if I am with my FAMILY it is a NICERIDE....the best times are when all three of them are together...FAMILY, FRIENDS, and FUN!

- Jonathan F

Cliff Summers
Cliff Summers