2014 Bisbee Black & Blue Tournament

by Cliff Summers May 28, 2015

During my visit to Los Cabos, Mexico in October of 2014 I experienced one of the most thrilling experiences of my lifetime, thanks to the NICERIDE team! I went to Los Cabos to participate in the Bisbee Black & Blue Tournament. The Bisbee is one of the most prestigious fishing tournaments in the world, and many people travel from around the world to participate.

Unfortunately, about a month before this year’s tournament was scheduled to begin, Cabo got hit by Hurricane Odile. After the destruction of Hurricane Odile we were a little uncertain about whether the tournament would take place. But thanks to the citizens of Los Cabos and other outside sources they were able to restore the town and prepare for the big tournament. When we arrived in Los Cabos there was still evidence of the damage caused by the hurricane and we were looking forward to helping out by contributing to the local economy.



Myself, and the NICERIDE team made the best of this situation and I ended up having the time of my life! We had so much fun visiting the local establishments and meeting with other tournament participants. We would wake up in the morning excited to capture that BIG MARLIN and huge adrenaline rush! Looking back on this memory puts a huge smile on my face, and I was so glad to spend it with my family and friends, thanks to NICERIDE.

NICERIDE fully embraces family, friends, and fun! Would life really be anything without those three things? Let this lifestyle brand take you to your special place. On multiple occasions, NICERIDE has really shown me that having a good time is important, especially since life is so short. Embrace life and live like there is no tomorrow. Take advantage of every opportunity you have to enjoy life and have Fun with Family and Friends.

A huge shout out to NICERIDE for sponsoring this amazing experience!

--Barry T.

Cliff Summers
Cliff Summers