The East Cape Offshore fishing tournament is the first in the annual Bisbee's series of fishing tournaments off the Baja California Peninsula. The East Cape started in 2002 and is known s the more "laid back" tournament out of the series that also consists of the Los Cabos (or Little Bisbee's) and the Black & Blue. Team NICERIDE is excited to be participating in this tournament for the first time after already competing in the Los Cabos and the Black & Blue in previous years. The team is looking to podium in this tournament as they have taken to the podium in each of the other tournaments. With the Los Cabos and the Black & Blue taking place in October the team is looking to hit a "trifecta" and place in all three this year!  Stay tuned for more info and to see how the team does.


"Life is One NICERIDE"...take some time to enjoy the ride!