Behind The Scenes Interview With Christopher Shayne About The Song "NiceRide"

The Comeback of Southern Rock : Exclusive Behind The Scenes Interview With Christopher Shayne About The Song "NiceRide"


2021 seems to be the year of 1970’s nostalgia. From groovy prints to flare pants, to laid back attitudes after a stressful year in the pandemic, everyone seems to want to capture that sense of freedom, fun, and all around good times. Because of this, we are seeing a rise in classic southern rock music everywhere. With summer just around the corner those who feel safe to do so are gearing up for concerts, barbecues, NASCAR races, and boat days! 

Music is the perfect way to truly feel transported back to the best days and set the mood for any activity. This summer, we are expecting to hear southern rock just about everywhere and the name on everyone’s lips is up and coming Arizona band Christopher Shayne. The band recently signed with Carry On Music and has some incredible opportunities and projects currently in the works. 

Shayne, the lead singer in the band, is an Arizona native ready to take the west coast by storm. With a history and influence of blues music, the band captures an old school classic sound while still exciting a new young audience. When sitting down to talk with Shayne, the artist stated “I sing and play guitar and we try to be as forefront and honest as we can be,” This perfectly captures what their music is all about. It’s honest and it’s raw. 

The one thing that makes this band stand out is that this group writes their music, records their music, and performs their music- they are a group that is willing to stick together through thick and thin. 

Shayne’s upcoming song, NiceRide, brings listeners back to simple times and reminds us all that we really only get one lifetime and it’s all about enjoying the ride. The band members themselves truly live their life like it’s one nice ride. The band met Niceride owner at a Nascar event and immediately hit it off. They knew that their shared values and energy could come together to create something great and when Shayne began writing a song for the brand, he stated that “the story just started to write itself.” The artist went on to explain how a southern rock Arizona based band meshed so well with the California surfer vibe. He explained “NiceRide has a beach scene kind of vibe. Dave (Shayne’s co-writer and band member) loves that. His thing is that if we’re on tour he is having a beer on the beach. We’ve really started to meld into the Niceride style. We all love finishing, going out on the boats, and having a good time.” 

What’s next for Christopher Shayne and NiceRide? The newest song and video featuring Jay Alvarraz, Jourdan Sloane, Ashley Dickerson, and Christian Hogue is set to drop June 2021 so stay tuned, get excited, and get ready to come along for the ride.