Buck-Eye by NICERIDE

Rick is a man on mission. Every weekend he looks forward to his fishing trip with his crew. He lays out his supplies the night before and wakes up at the crack of dawn to load his truck. What’s on his check list? Rods, hooks, lines, bait, protein snacks (jerky is a must), water and a couple of coolers. He even packed some waders. His buddy, Mac is taking care of the ice, and Steve is the man with the boat.

He takes a minute to watch the sky slowly brighten as the sun begins to show. It’s looking like it’s going to be a scorcher of a day. He goes back inside for his hot breakfast bowl of oats and fills up a thermos of coffee for the road after he eats.

It’s time to go.

But wait, something’s missing…

What’s the ideal set of apparel for a fishing expedition?

For Every Outdoor Enthusiast

Rick is a simple man, with a simple formula for planning his fishing wardrobe. What does he need?

A hat- but not just any hat, he needs a high quality and high performing design. One that keeps him cool, won’t fade due to constant exposure to the elements and gives him years of prolonged use.

A comfortable T shirt – Fishing is a sweaty sport, and one must dress to suit the occasion. Soft and breathable materials are best.

A hoodie or windbreaker – rain or shine, things can get pretty windy out on the ocean, and sometimes you need that extra protection.

Rick doesn’t have to worry. He already got all of these clothing items from the Buck-Eye collection by NICERIDE. Its striking logo depicts a game fish, giving it a rugged yet sporty appeal. Even the name Buck-Eye signifies the wild outdoors. And what’s even more awesome is that this versatile collection can be used for any outdoor activity!

What can you expect from Buck Eye?

  • Quality hats, beanies and caps to protect you from the elements while you engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting and off roading.
  • T-shirts that are comfortable, stylish and of reliable quality you can count on. There are short or long sleeve options to suit your particular needs, all with great designs.
  • Jackets, hoodies and windbreakers to complement your chosen tees.
  • Backpacks and cooler bags to hold all the supplies you need to carry for your outdoor adventure.

You and your crew can outfit yourselves in top quality threads with the Buck-Eye logo to make you stand out from the crowd. NICERIDE designs are also stylish and functional. Choose from various prints and colors that appeal to your personal sense of style. There’s even an Evening Glow hat, for those who like to turn it up a notch. Whatever your style and wherever you go, be sure to deck out in Buck-Eye by NICERIDE. Live wild, roam free and live the #niceridelife.