Catch The Trends Before Everyone Else- What Jay Alvarrez , Ashley Dickerson, Jourdan Sloane, and Christian Hogue Are Wearing This Summer


Listen to "NICERIDE" by Christopher Shayne while you read!

We all want to find those effortlessly cool pieces that we see our favorite models, celebrities, and influencers wear that look put together, chill, and like they didn’t even have to try too hard to achieve a perfect summer outfit. Niceride is exactly that. The classic pieces are cool today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Rather than following the exact trends of what everyone is doing, Niceride is classic and perfect for all summer activities. 

Recently, Niceride partnered with an up and coming Rock Band based out of Phoenix, AZ to capture this summer feeling in a music video featuring Jay Alvarrez, Ashley Dickerson, Jourdan Sloane, and Christian Hogue. The models sat down with us to chat about their personal lives, styles, and what they are looking forward to this summer. We’re here to tell you all about it and show you how to capture this same summer look and feeling. 

We started out the day in an airstream along the side of the PCH in Malibu where we overlooked the waves and sunrise. While sipping on our morning coffee and getting ready for the long shoot day ahead, all of the models lounged around, skateboarded past the trailers where the production team was getting ready, and got to know one another. 


Talking to Mississippi native Ashley Dickerson, I got to learn a bit about what it was like to move out of a small town in the south and begin pursuing a modeling career in Miami and LA. Dickerson smiled as she began to talk about her personal style because she wasn’t quite sure what to say or how to describe it at first. She stated “ I wear very basic things- jeans and a tank top every day, I like comfy clothes, I love my sweats, and I would say my style is a good mix between beach and more chic.” Though this doesn’t seem too “stylish” at first, that’s exactly the point. It’s classic, comfy, and perfect for a life on the go. It seemed that all of the other models felt similarly as well. 


Jay Alvarrez, an extreme sports junkie, model, and photographer left school when he was just 12 years old. Growing up in Hawaii, he was constantly surrounded by beautiful scenery and a love for running around to find his next adventure. His upcoming stop after filming for Niceride in California is Dubai and he is sure to have other plans in the works as well. When asked about this lifestyle, Jay simply said “there is something in me that yearns for experiences. Some people are fulfilled with family, settling down, or traditional things. For me, I like to be intimate with life.” This mindset of always looking at the beauty in life and yearning for fun and experience sums up the Niceride motto perfectly. We like to say that life is like one long, Niceride, making the brand perfect for those like Jay always on the move and ready to enjoy whatever life throws their way.