The Hoodie Season With Niceride

The Hoodie Season With NICERIDE

If winter instantly makes you think of hoodies and hot chocolate, we’d say you’re on the right webpage; for the former at least!


While it’s fun to layer clothing, hiding underneath endless layers of clothing that still can’t stop you from shivering is definitely not. If you feel like winter makes it inevitable to look like that chair in a room that is a clothing dumpster of sorts, you’re in for a pleasant surprise!


The Niceride Hoodie Collection is a definite Winter treat. Gone are the days when hoodies were plain solids! Who said you can’t jazz things up a bit and be comfortable at the same time? Niceride has over fifteen unique hoodie designs to keep you looking warm and pretty this American Winter!


Pullover Hoodies

If you ever come across a Niceride Pullover Hoodie, you instantly recognize it owing to their unique, embroidered designs and the mini pocket-corner embroidery. They have a men’s, a women’s, and a unisex collection. Niceride keeps it dapper with their shade range too.

The N-R Combo Unisex Pullover Hoodie

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This is one of the best sellers, and rightfully so. This pullover hoodie has a very neat, minimalistic logo design at the front pocket has its trademark palm tree logo at the top corner. The hood is adjustable with drawstrings. The hoodie is black in color and pairs well with a pair of blue denim.

The Tasty Waves Pullover Hoodie

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Everything that you thought about this hoodie after reading just its name, is a hundred percent true. This hoodie lives up to its name with its gorgeous pastel design. It has a rainbow-like wave and a surfer riding the wave. The black Niceride font is accentuated by the pastel background colors. And the vibrant palm tree logo on the front pocket is sure to catch eyes!


The Buck-Eye Pullover Hoodie

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The most interesting pick so far! This hoodie has a very ferocious-looking fish embroidered on it. The fish has antlers and a piercing blue eye. This hoodie is sure to stir up a conversation with its design! The Buck-Eye logo is available in white and neon orange.


Classic Palm Nike Pullover Hoodie

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The color of this hoodie is to die for! It is the brightest royal blue that will instantly enliven your winter wardrobe. It has the white palm tree logo embroidered on the front, below the Nike branding, and a mini palm tree logo on the bottom right corner.

Zipped Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Stardust Women’s Zip Hoodie

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This is an olive green hoodie with a zipper and drawstrings to adjust the hood. It has a front pocket and the classic palm tree logo embroidered on the left chest in olive green. The bottom right corner on the backside has Niceride embroidered in the same color.


Sunset Men’s Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

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The hoodie is available in a rather unique sandstone shade that we love. It has a palm tree sunset embroidered on it in colors so warm that this hoodie is all you need to keep the cold away! It also has text in black, that reads - Life is One Niceride.


The material for this sweatshirt is soft, midweight fleece. The fit is generous to ensure comfort is never compromised upon. The hood is jersey-lined, and the waistband and cuff are ribbed to add to the style.


Evening Breeze Unisex Zip-up Hoodie

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This is a Hanes nano zip-up hoodie with Niceride embroidered on the left chest. The subtle detail that we love in the embroidery here is the gradient. The font is embroidered in an orange-yellow sunset gradient with a black outline.


The hoodie is available in vintage grey and charcoal grey shades. The charcoal grey makes the ombre sunset-font pop to life! It also has the classic palm tree logo embroidered on the bottom right of the backside.


Finding Your Hoodie Aesthetic

1.   The Layer-er

If you are a Layer-er, you probably prioritize warmth over everything else during winter time but make the conscious effort to keep things stylish nevertheless. A fool-proof styling code for you would be to layer your winter hoodie with a classic denim jacket and pair it with a pair of solid black leggings.


On the low-effort, high-style kind of days, you throw an oversized t-shirt over your hoodie. And you don’t forget to pull the hood out from underneath, whether you wear it or not.


2.   The Minimalist

Winter = Hoodie Weather to you, no more, no less. You are probably the classic hoodie hoarder and are infamous for your collection. Which you proudly flaunt, irrespective of the season.


A hoodie over a body warmer or a plain t-shirt is what gives you the most pleasure. You like to keep it casual and simple and not layer your hoodie because you think it deserves all the attention by itself.


3.   The Risk Taker

Fashion is a priority to you and you use winter clothing to voice your priorities. “What’s a winter without some cold?” You’d say to yourself as you pair your hoodie with an above-knee, checkered pencil skirt and a pair of statement boots. Oh, and you’re particular to ensure you have the hoodie tucked in at the front.


4.   The Winter Workaholic

Seasons keep changing, but the only thing that’s constant is your work. You are dedicated to make something out of your career and to let people know that you mean business. Without having to say it, of course!


You would pick a pair of formal trousers, pair it with a matching, tucked-in hoodie and wear a contrasting overcoat on top. Your hair is probably slicked back. On days with a meeting scheduled, you’d swap the shirt underneath your blazer for a hoodie and rock it the same!




If you are dedicated to filling your winter with fun and style, it doesn’t end here. Niceride does a fine job of embracing the American hat culture too. The range of hats available is bound to floor you!


They have a collection of Snapback and Trucker hats, Flex-fit hats, 7-panel Trucker hats, Foam hats, Kid’s hats, unisex beanies and visors, and straw hats. The best part about the Niceride Snapbacks is that the designs pair wonderfully with the hoodies.


The snapback hats are available with the Niceride Palmtree logo, the Buck-Eye, and more. As we see it, this is the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Eminem and slip a snapback under your hood!


Apart from the coolest, oops, warmest winter collection, Niceride offers the most affordable prices and an interest-free payment option over the course of 6 weeks. So if you believe in living life like it’s one NICERIDE, gear up to turn heads this hoodie season and build your aesthetic like never before!